Art Commissions!


That's right! I'm opening up to take art commissions to fund ROYAL UNICORN from Angelic Pretty! Now's your chance to get a one-of-a-kind work of art made with love from me and help me get this beautiful dress!! <3



So my favorite part of the drawing process is creating the lineart! I do all of my linearts with a basic 2px brush and lots and lots of detail (very time consuming but a labor of love!) which creates a really unique look that will look gorgeous even without color. But, if you would prefer, I do offer a version with flats or simple B&W shading!



Full color commissions are great for going all out! I can draw your favorite coord, an original character, or even fanart of your favorite fictional characters. I offer two coloring styles, a painterly style with soft shading or cel-shading for a more anime style!

  • Bust full color: $20 / cel-shading, $25 / painterly

If you would like more than one person, animals, super crazy detail, or any other potentially extra time-consuming request please ask me for a quote! All prices are in USD and will be paid via gift on paypal. I am willing to draw (pretty much) anything, but just shoot me a message with your request and I will let you know if it is doable. I can also draw realistic if you're interested but I'd have to dig up some samples. Additional samples available upon request and at

If you are interested in a commission, send me a message here, on, or email me at!! I look forward to making you beautiful art!

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